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Greetings to all of our fellow educators.  We are publishing this sample listing of news articles, from either media outlets or educational sources that we believe are relevant to what we espouse.  It is our hope to always act as a resource to our constituents.  Please review the following sample, and as always, please give us back your feedback so that we can serve you better.


The Executive Board of APACE

Exploring Chinese and Korean American Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Cultural Identity as Assets and Barriers
JiayiWang 1,*, KeAysia Aiyanna Lana Jackson 2, Eui Kyung Kim 2 and Kevin Han 2

Isolated and Overburdened, Asian American Educators Struggle

By T.K. Lê

On April 15, 2020, high school teachers in the Newton Public Schools district near Boston were doing what K-12 teachers were doing across the country: They were teaching on Zoom. Moving classes online was a quick pivot with few standardized privacy protections. For one teacher of AP Chinese Language and Culture, that morning changed from confusing to horrifying ....

The movement to teach AAPI history in public schools is growing—here’s the impact, from educators to students

By Jennifer Liu

The students of Mike Bigelow’s first-grade class light up when they’re asked what they’ve learned about Asian American history and social studies this year.

Ayansh Grover, 7, says he observes Hindu culture and shared with his classmates how he celebrates holidays like Diwali and Holi.

Every Tuesday, the class practices saying “hello”....

Education Policies Need To Address the Unique Needs of Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

The Asian American and the Pacific Islander communities in the United States are growing at a dramatic pace. Recent data from the 2020 census1 as well as a recent Pew Research Center analysis2 show that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are two of .....

Dear Educators, It Is Time to Fight for Asian America

By Wayne Au and Moé Yonamine

Although the recent increase in anti-Asian attacks has been hard for all of us, the murderous killing spree in Atlanta has our families, our youth, and our communities spiraling. From a Japanese teacher in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District being assaulted by a man wielding a sock filled with rocks, to the robbery and killing of....

Empowering Asian Educators in the Time of Crisis

Teachers College, Columbia University (USA)

September 2022

Published in Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education 21 (2): 57–88 [pdf]

Abstract: In this article, I draw from my experience working as a Korean American music teacher in the US. I reflect on what it means to be Asian American and to bring Asian narratives to the forefront. I examine the distinct challenges of social justice in the context of Asians and Asian Americans’ lives—particularly through the lens of the “model minority.”

How Do We Get — and Keep — More Asian American Male Teachers?
New York City initiative co founded by alum finishes first year trying to do just this



In late 2020, when Tony DelaRosa, Ed.M.’18, got a call asking if he wanted to cofound New York City’s first affinity program for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) male teachers, he jumped at the opportunity. 

At the forefront of his mind was the marked increase in racism.......

What Asian American Educator Stories Reveal About Racial Nuances Within ‘People of Color’

By Mi Aniefuna     Jun 2, 2023

As part of our Voices of Change research project, EdSurge Research talked to dozens of educators who identify as Asian or Asian American. These conversations occurred a year after the anti-Asian hate crimes in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2021, and two years after George Floyd’s murder sparked a wave of racial solidarity uprisings in 2020.

We often use catch-all acronyms and shorthand like “POC,” “BIPOC,” and “Black and brown people” to describe experiences of discrimination and oppression of people in the U.S. who are not white. But within those blanket terms to describe “minorities” are dozens of cultures with unique heritages, ethnicities, and geographic locations. People from those cultures have nuanced histories, perspectives, and experiences in the U.S. and in its schools....

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Asian Pacific American Council Of Educators

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