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Making a Difference Together

Election Campaign



APACE-LI aims to broaden the understanding and appreciation of issues that influence diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging of AAPI educators. By using a lens of diversity and social justice, it works to establish strong community networks in Long Island and beyond. APACE-LI is committed to improving the recognition and appreciation of the dignity and worth of AAPI educators, students, and parents by providing a welcoming, supportive, and safe space that will engage and enhance their socio-cultural, intellectual, and interpersonal development.



In order to contribute to positive changes in education, APACE-LI strives to:

(1) improve the representation of AAPI in education

(2) build a supportive professional-cultural community of AAPI educators 

(3) provide resources to cultivate cultural learning and appreciation within an atmosphere of inclusion 


Executive Board 


Soh Young Lee-Segredo, President

Lihong Cheng-Treasurer

Amanda Chansingh, Secretary

Randy K. Young, Executive Board Advisor

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Asian Pacific American Council Of Educators

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